• Tobii EyeX

  • Kinect For Windows v2

  • Leap Motion

  • NeuroSky MindWave

  • Microchip GestIC

  • Intel Senz3D

  • Emotiv Insight

  • Thalmic Labs MYO

  • Oculus Rift

We are a research and development organization focused on applications that integrate custom software and electronics with low-cost, commercially available natural user interface, brain-computer interface, and virtual reality technologies. Our mission is to harness the promise of these emerging technologies and discover innovative applications that will educate and help people to be safe, well and productive. Learn More »

Recent Updates

Alien Mind Meld: Tobii EyeX + NeuroSky MindWave Mobile on Ultrabook

This simple proof-of-concept app demonstrated the utilization of data from both a Tobii EyeX eye tracking controller and a NeuroSky MindWave mobile EEG headband. The app was developed in C#/WPF and is shown running on an Win8 Intel Ultrabook (Software Development Platform). Check out the video here.

New Intel Case Study: "SensiGator Charts New Course for Bing Maps on Windows 8 Tablets"

This paper describes our work on the software application that won first place in the Education category of the 2013 App Innovation contest. Read the article here.

Eye Tracking Pan/Tilt Wireless IP Camera

This experiment demonstrates eye tracking control of a low cost IP camera. A Tobii EyeX controller mounted beneath the screen tracks subtle eye movements. Custom software was developed to stream the video image from a Foscam pan/tilt wireless IP Camera. The software translates EyeX behaviors to commands for controlling the camera's pan and tilt motors. We see potential applications for this in perceptual robotics, telepresence, and assistive technologies. Check out the video here.

First Experiment with the Tobii EyeX Controller

This is a demo of an eye tracking robotic arm using the Tobii EyeX controller. The custom software was developed in C#/WPF using the pre-beta Tobii EyeX SDK for .NET. The hardware components used for this demo are commercially available for under $200. Check out the video here.

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